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Refractories Raw Materials
  CMP pioneered the export of pre-sized minerals from China in the early 1990`s to supply the world refractories industry. Today CMP have the largest processing plant in Asia to produce a wide range of specialized and customized refractories raw materials.

  Refrastar Bauxite  Rotary Kiln Bauxite  Shaft Kiln Bauxite  Reframul 70   
  Reframul 60    Reframul 47    Reframul 45    Calcined Kaolin    Flint Clay
  Light Weight Aggregate  Fluorspar  White Fused Alumina  Brown Fused Alumina

Toll Production

  CMP are committed to provide our customers, the services and products they need to remain competitive. To enable this to continue  into the future, we continue to invested in specialised equipment utilising our know-how for the development of our pioneering and innovative service segment of toll manufacturing. We offer innovation, experience and reliability from a single source.
  Customers  profit from our knowledge and our highly sophisticated level of technology and already installed equipment to enable us to tailor blend raw materials to  specific requirements. This exceptional support and cooperation with our business partners is  focused to provide the optimal results and required reliability.